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Travel to Japan the way you always dreamed. We provide trip consultation, custom itineraries, and completely guided trips through Japan. Have the experience of a lifetime!

Travel with Session Japan

We're here to help you have the best trip to Japan imaginable - whether that's through consultation, trip planning, or a completely guided experience, we're here to turn your interests into an adventure you'll talk about for years to come.

Trip Consultation

This option is best if you feel mostly confident in planning your own trip to Japan, but you want to talk to an expert about the best way to approach your travels to ensure you make the most of your time.

Our consultation starts with a 60-90 minute meeting in person (or via Skype) to talk through the particulars of what you want to experience on your trip. During that time we’re able to answer questions and offer advice on how to approach traveling in Japan for your needs - including where to stay, what to do, the best ways to travel in-country, etiquette in various situations, etc. 

This package includes two hours of discovery and research, followed by an example itinerary and specific suggestions for your trip. We also include a handbook about Japan and a basic Japanese language guide.

If you opt to have Session Japan plan your trip following the initial consultation, the fee is fully applicable toward the final cost of the trip.

  • Best For: Gaining immediate insight into planning your own trip to Japan, what's possible for your trip depending on the season, and suggestions tailored to your interests.
  • Price: From $600, including meeting time, research time, example itinerary, and handbook on Japan with basic language guide.
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Custom Trip Planning

This is our hands-on approach without actually being in-country with your group. We build your trip entirely around your interests, needs, and timeframe, with all reservations made in advance (when possible and necessary). 

You’ll receive a day-by-day itinerary handbook, including a basic Japanese language guide and a pre-charged train pass card. We’re also available for questions or concerns through the planning process, as well as your time traveling. We'll take care of all the logistics so you can focus on having an incredible time in Japan.

  • Best For: People who are moderately- to well-versed in international travel, but have never been to Japan. You are enticed by the culture, food, and landscapes, but don’t know how to plan for the best use of your time. We’ll work with you to learn what you’re most interested in, and we’ll build you a custom itinerary based on your budget and your preferred style of travel.
  • Price: From $400 - $600 per person per day depending on level of accommodations and specialty activities you'd like to include.
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Custom Trip Planning + Guiding

Our most specialized option, your trip would be designed and led entirely around your interests and needs. Session Japan was built around the fact that it is quite difficult to travel in Japan without knowledge of the language or connections beyond the city. 

Various experts, including the Session Japan founder, would guide your trip day-by-day ensuring you make the most of your time in Japan. You'd have the benefit of the knowledge of your guides concerning Japan, as well as their expertise with the Japanese language, which would enrich your experience significantly.

As with our trip planning option, all reservations are made in advance (when possible and necessary). You’ll receive a day-by-day itinerary handbook, including a basic Japanese language guide and a pre-charged train pass card.

  • Best For: People who want to go a step beyond having a trip customized for specific interests. Your travel guides will take all logistical stress off of you, enabling you to simply enjoy your trip. You’ll also get real-time answers to your questions about Japan, and you’ll never have to wonder if you’re making cultural blunders, or turning down the wrong street. Your travel experience will be richer, and you’ll have access to Japan in a way you wouldn’t otherwise.
  • Price: $500 - $800 per person per day depending on level of accommodations and specialty activities you'd like to include.
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Session Japan Trips

At Session Japan we're insatiably curious about all things Japan. We want to explore every inch of this country, so we're always exploring to find new things that we'll inevitably want to share with you. 

Twice a year we plan trips for small groups and like-minded adventurers to have an experience in Japan like no other. These trips typically correspond with the fall leaves or cherry blossom seasons in Japan. We're currently working on a spring 2017 trip, a fall 2017 cycling trip, and a 2017 active lifestyle trip. 

We'll keep you up to date about the dates and itinerary for these trips. The best way to know ahead of time when a trip sign-up will open is to get on the mailing list! Our mailing list will be the first to know, and the first to be allowed to sign up for our Session Japan specialty trips.

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